What does it feel like to be a people pleaser?

Sometimes the worst part is you don’t even know you’re doing it, it’s so second nature you think you’re just being a nice, caring, considerate person.

You’re always doing for someone else, you’re on the “to do” list, just so far down, you never seem to get to you. That’s okay because you wouldn’t want to appear selfish or self-centered.

You never know exactly why you feel guilty when you say “no” so you’re the go-to person everyone can count on, you’re always there for them, because you’re solid and responsible.

You never know exactly why you feel guilty when you say “no” so you’re the go-to person everyone can count on, you’re always there for them because you’re solid and responsible.

Give yourself a break, take care of you, so that you can take care of others happily. Live without resenting those you love. Make sure you’re at the top of the list, YOU MATTER!

There’s nothing wrong with wanting to help others, and being the solid, responsible one.  It only becomes a problem if you say “yes,” to commitments, obligations, and favors when you really don’t want to. And then after the fact you realize holy crap you’re doing things you never wanted to do at all.

If you’re the type of woman who wants to:

  • stop taking on everyone’s projects,
  • have the courage to say no, and
  • start doing what you really WANT to do (NOW), I can help!

I’m Lori Grant, Life Coach and Energy Healer. I’ve been coaching and speaking for over 10 years and I run live and online workshops as well as one to one coaching to help women learn to say no without excuses, discover their happiness comes from within, and to stop judging themselves (and be ok with who they really are).

Why do I do this work?

Because I’ve been where you are. I can remember back to when I stood in my master bathroom, with my face buried in a towel, screaming.  While sobbing I said “How is this my fucking life?” I wanted to leave, I wanted to drive away.

I was going through one of the most difficult experiences in my life and in my marriage, and in that moment I knew it was either run, break, or ask for help.

It never dawned on me before that time, that I needed someone to talk to, to share my fear, my pain, my angst.  After all, my feelings were not nearly as important as Andy’s (my husband).  He wanted to die.  Me? I was just scared and frustrated.

As a Life Coach and Energy Healer I work with people in the following ways:

  • one to one coaching
  • group coaching in person
  • group coaching online

Don’t you think it’s time to give yourself a break? You can finally start to take care of yourself while choosing how you can take care of others (happily).

You can live without resenting those you love while staying at the top of your to do list, because YOU MATTER!

Hit the contact button at the bottom of the screen and book a Free Clarity session with Lori.

Live a life you want, helping others as well as yourself. Start living the life YOU deserve!

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Lori and Andy feeling Joy!


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