Action Without Guilt

It feels like you care more about what happens in your client’s life then they do, doesn’t it?

After all, you’re the one laying awake at 2:00am wondering “Could I have tried the case better? What did I miss? How did I screw this up?! What am I doing wrong? If only I tried harder this would never have happened!”

But it’s not just affecting your sleep is it?

You’re snapping at your kids. Lashing out at your husband when he murmurs more than three words at night. You know you need to calm yourself down. To stop being so reactive. But you can’t. And it makes you feel like even more of a failure.

How did landing your dream job turn your real life into such a nightmare?

You’re smart, resourceful and knowledgeable. How did you not see this coming? Why can’t you get those little voices to just SHUT-UP.

Well, my resourceful superwoman there is a way and you found it. The proven method used by hundreds of  women to quiet those menacing voices, free themselves from the shackles of guilt and finally get that elusive peaceful sleep you’ve been yearning for.

Action Without Guilt

With Action Without Guilt you’ll learn to;

  • Stop taking your clients problems personally
  • Stop feeling guilty about how your work is affecting your family
  • Stop taking your work home

What you will gain;

  • Your passion for helping people
  • Sleeping through the night
  • Better relationships with your family

Action Without Guilt is an intimate 6 month group coaching program which meets 2 times every month, via tele-conference beginning in February, 2016.

  • An additional 3 times in person with the group

Knowing just how hard that guilty feeling is to beat we’ve included 2 additional bonuses.

  • Access to our exclusive Action Without Guilt private Facebook Community. Connect with women who FINALLY get the kind of stress you’ve been under. Exchange war stories, discuss and help each as you release limiting beliefs.
  • Direct E-Mail Access to Lori herself.

Just left the group coaching session and thought of a million things you should have brought up or maybe you just left the courtroom and a brilliant thought pops into your head. Shoot Lori an e-mail for her professional opinion and thoughts.

There is one more special gift included with the Action Without Guilt Program.

Since Lori wants 2016 to be happier, healthier and more productive for you she has decided to throw in;

  • 1:1 coaching session for you

You can deep dive with the master of boundaries herself, Lori.
Learn your specific limiting belief that is bringing up the guilt

You get all this plus those much needed nights of guilt free rest for only $697, that’s $1,000 off.

Click the button below, and let’s get started! Begins in February!