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Authenticity Authenticity has been coming up a lot for me lately. In all different conversations, and on many different topics.  It seems to be a trigger for many.  “They were so FAKE, I only want to be around people that are AUTHENTIC.” Statements like, “I won’t settle for people in my life not being authentic”. …

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Suicide WTF!

I recently learned that a former patient, one that I really love attempted to take her life; gratefully she is still with us. She succumbed to the pain, the haunting in her brain as she put it to me. It saddened me, it angered me, it bewildered me. I know her story, she shared it …

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Asking for help… What a Vow.

Asking for help has never been my strong suit, receiving help even less.  I know the importance of it and I actually teach the importance of it daily. As an Energy and Life Coach helping people overcome depression, I talk about the importance of reaching out and asking for help daily. Sharing that it is …

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Therapy and Medication or vs. Medication

As a follow up from my last blog I am sharing a couple of articles that I found quite intriguing as well as a bit disturbing. It is time that we empower people with Energy and therapeutic healing options instead of disempowering them with prescriptions.  Allow people to have a say in their healing journey. …

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A Cure for “Mental Illness”?

By Lori Grant With huge fear and trepidation a client asked me a question in group. I could see and feel her fear. I could see her panic rising as she prepared to ask me something. I could tell the question was terrifying her, but she probably was more concerned over what my answer might …

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Missing my Dad, not so much

By Lori Grant I want to share, this came up last week on Father’s day, but feeling very scared to actually put it to words and post it. So here is the thing, my Dad died 32 years ago today. Father’s day use to be awful for me, now not so much. This past Fathers …

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Acceptance, Choices, Freedom!

By Lori Grant SPEEDING, who knew that getting pulled over by the police two weeks ago would be a great lesson and teaching moment for me as a Transformational Energy Coach for an outpatient program for people with mental health issues? It wasn’t too important a lesson to be reminded of just this. Are you …

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Rediscovering your Joy!

Have you put your feelings aside for someone else? Have you been helping others to the exclusion of yourself? Do you wonder what happened to your life? Are you ready to learn how to do both?  Help others and yourself? Are you ready to find and create joy in your life? Welcome, you have come …

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