Vow Intensive


What are they?
Vows are deep seated belief systems that alter your life always.
Most often they are in our subconscious.

Who has vows?

How do we/why do we create them?
Vows are created to help us survive.
Vows are created to give us what we need in that moment, (most often based in love and acceptance).
With every vow created they show your resiliency and brilliance. (although it may not feel that way).
In the moment of creation, the vow provides us with the ability to survive an emotionally difficult possibly traumatic situation or event.

What do Vows do/cause?
Vows create patterns that you may or may not be able to see in your life.
Vows limit your options, even though you believe you are open to anything.
Vows are an Always or a Never, so we lose choices without realizing it.
They cause us to where a mask…(always happy, always angry, always sad, always fine, etc)

Ways to know you have vows.
If you get “triggered” by behaviors, there is a vow involved.
If you do the same thing over and over, there is a vow involved.
If you feel shame or guilt around different behaviors, there is a vow involved.

There a many positive actions that are taken because of vows, but the goal with clearing the vow is it opens up options either way.
So if you have a vow to never ask for help, you learn to be resourceful, independent, etc., which is positive, but you eliminate the option of collaboration, equality in relationships, etc.  That is why people are unwilling to let go of certain vows. They have helped them to be stronger, survive, etc.  Awareness is great, but it usually requires a fair amount more to clear it because we really don’t want to…who will be actually be without that “truth” in our lives.

Bringing vows to consciousness.
Coaching session to learn of patterns, your values that will bring vows to light.
Bringing vows to awareness is the first step, but most times that alone is not enough to shift the vow.

Results of removing vows.
Live your life as you want to, not how you are “supposed” to.
Say No without guilt, say yes without fear.
Stop “fixing” everyone and everything else.
Be happy with every aspect of who you are, what you do and how you live.

Boundary and Vow Monthly Intensive
2 one-one Vow clearing coaching sessions
2 one-one Coaching sessions-follow up to vow clearing
1 weekly group call
Private Facebook group monitored by Lori
Unlimited email access with Lori